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For countries whose culture is Norse and whose Religion is Norse.

  • Is gained via event


+15% Morale of armies
May raid coasts, including coasts of countries with same religion

Eternal Struggle

+15% Manpower recovery speed
−0.03 Monthly war exhaustion

Norse Seamen

+15% Morale of navies
+1 Naval combat bonus off owned coast

A Wall of Shields for the King

+1 Land leader shock
+1 Naval leader shock

Norse Artisans

−10% Development cost


+20% Shock damage

Leif's Legacy

+1 Colonist
Can recruit explorers and conquistadors. Explorers may explore ocean provinces.

Ancestral Faith

+2 Tolerance of the true faith


+15% Infantry combat ability

"Norse" does not exist in EU4 at start date 1444, but can emerge during the campaign or exist from start in different scenarios/mods.

There are two Norse aspects: Norse religion, and Norse culture.


  • 1 Norse Religion
  • 2 Norse as state religion
  • 3 Norse as primary culture
  • 4 Norse national ideas
  • 5 Norse special government reform
  • 6 Missions
  • 7 Naval doctrine
  • 8 Events
  • 9 Idea groups
  • 10 Decisions
  • 11 Military
    • 11.1 Land leader shock
    • 11.2 Extra Shock damage
  • 12 Permanent modifiers
    • 12.1 Event: “Temple of Uppsala”
    • 12.2 Mission: Defender of the Pagan Ways”

Norse Religion[edit | edit source]

All Norse countries receive:

  • +10% Land force limit modifier
  • +10% Naval force limit modifier

All Norse provinces receive:

  • +2% Local missionary strength[1]

With the Wealth of Nations DLC enabled, Norse rulers are allowed to pick their deity through the religion screen. This choice lasts for the life of the ruler or until an event changes it. A Norse republic chooses a new deity every time a new leader is elected (4–8 years depending on republic type and choice). Such countries can rapidly change their stats to adjust to game circ*mstances.

Each deity comes with two to three bonuses to the nation:


  • +10% National tax modifier
  • +10% National manpower modifier


  • +1 Land leader shock
  • +10% Fort defense


  • −10% Core-creation cost
  • +0.1 Yearly horde unity
  • +0.1 Yearly legitimacy


  • +10% National sailors modifier
  • +5% Discipline


  • +10% Trade efficiency
  • +10% Goods produced modifier


  • −10% Construction cost
  • −5% Technology cost

There are three ways a country can end up following the Norse religion:

1. Start as Norse country (playing in a mod, or using a custom nation or random new world)

2. Complete the chain of missions in “a wave of curiosity.”

3. Pagan rebels convert the country.

Once the state religion is Norse and the country have 90% religious unity, +2 Stability and any Scandinavian culture as primary culture the event “Return to Norse culture” can fire. That event changes primary culture to Norse and converts every province with any Scandinavian culture to Norse culture. It also fire the ‘’, event which change the national ideas to Norse national ideas.

Norse national ideas have mainly ideas that focus on army and navy. But also a little in development, colonization, and religion. Unlocking costal raiding is great!

If the state religion is Norse then a special Norse Tier4 Government reform is unlocked. It does not madder if the norse nation is a monarchy, republic or theocracy.

Embedded Norse Traditions
  • May raid coasts
  • +10% Clergy influence
  • +50% Army tradition from battles
  • +50% Naval tradition from battles
The religion of our ancestors is the driving force of our state's actions. Old, forgotten practices have returned and are now a central point of our society.


  • Is not a ‘Pirate Republic’
  • Is not revolutionary
  • Religion is Norse
Additional effects:
  • Winning Wars increases Legitimacy (or its Equivalent)

May raid coasts is the big thing here. But this reform is not needed if you also have Norse national ideas that unlock costal raiding. The thing is that usually unlocking tier4 government reform will come much earlier than getting norse national ideas. So pick this reform as soon as you can, to enable "may raid coast". Later when Norse national ideas are unlocked this reform can be changed to something else.

There are four Norse religion missions (if playing as Denmark, Norway or Sweden AND following Norse religion).

Worship of the Gods

The first attempts to spread the Christian religion in Sweden began in the 9th century. The first two times, the petty missionaries failed to divert us from Odin's glory.

Eventually though, the missionaries found a king who was willing to sell his place in Valhalla in his pursuit of power. King Olof Skötkonung got himself baptized in Husaby. He tried to destroy the sacred Temple at Uppsala, but his own people - the ones who stayed true to the Norse ways - resisted him.One century later, King Inge the Elder managed to destroy the temple and left nothing but rubble. With that, the full Christianization of Sweden was only a question of time.

As we have finally returned to our Norse legacy, it is time to restore the religious temples and buildings for the glory of our Gods.

  • Religion is Norse
  • At least 10 owned provinces with:
    • Has one of the following buildings: Barracks or Training Fields
    • Has one of the following buildings: Temple or Cathedral
    • Religion is same as Our country
  • Province Stockholm (1):
    • Province is owned by Our country
    • Is a core of Our country
    • Religion is same as Our country
  • Trigger country event “The Restoration of the Temple of Uppsala”
Theologian Discussions

Spread the Norse Faith

Sweden is not the only kingdom which was target of the Christianizing of Scandinavia. Our neigbors, Denmark and Norway, were, too, affected by the Church's quest of spreading their vile religion, and succumbed to the promised power by becoming Christians. As faithful Norse it is our duty to restore the rightful religion in Scandinavia.

  • Religion is Norse
  • If:
    • Limited to:
      • DLC Wealth of Nations is active
    • Odin has been chosen as personal deity
  • At least 40 of the following are true:
    • All provinces in the Scandinavia region:
      • Religion is Norse
  • Gain 2 years' worth of manpower
  • If the country has a stability of less than +3,
    • then it gains 1 stability,
    • else it gains 50 administrative power.
  • Gain +25 power projection
Worship of the Gods

Devastate Christianity

The Christians wiped off our ancient religion, and converted the High North. Now that we have returned to our roots, the Christian world is once again preying on us. We should teach these infidels where their place actually is!

  • Religion is Norse
  • At least one of:
    • None of:
      • Any known country:
        • Capital
        • Religion is in Christian group
    • Value of variable swe_won_wars_against_christians is at least 25
  • Prestige is at least +50
  • Gain +50 power projection
  • Gain 100 prestige
  • Gain country modifier “Might of the Descendants of the Varangians” for 25 years, giving the following effects:
    • +5% Administrative efficiency
    • +10% Morale of armies
Spread the Norse Faith

A new Norse Empire

The vikings of the past created an empire without any equal - such as the legendary Empire of the North Sea. But in the end, their realms were not built to last, and the foul stench of Christianity led to their inevitable downfall.Let us create a Norse Empire, which shall prevail against all odds, and brings glory to the Gods!

  • Religion is Norse
  • Government rank is Empire
  • Religious unity is at least 100%
  • Land force limit is at least 80
  • Army size is at least 80
  • Owns at least 60 non-colony provinces
  • Gain country modifier “Defender of the Pagan Ways” for the rest of the game, giving the following effects:
    • +1 Yearly legitimacy
    • +15% Manpower in true faith provinces
    • +1 Tolerance of the true faith
    • These effects are lost if the state religion changes
Devastate Christianity

One naval doctrine, that is good if going the privateer way. Must be Norse culture.

Norse Raiding Fleet

The military and the navy of the Vikings were specialized in hitting fast and retreating before the enemy was able to respond. Althought it has become a little bit outdated during the current time period, it is possible to adapt the navy doctrine to the modern era.

  • +33% Privateer Efficiency
  • +3 Fleet Movement Speed
  • Requires Norse culture
  • Has not completed the Swedish "Norwegian Sailors" mission

The Restoration of the Temple of Uppsala

Can trigger in a few different ways.

Must own the province of Stockholm.

· Builds a Cathedral

· Set province flag has_uppsala_temple_flag

· Gains “Religious Center” for the rest of the game, giving:

o −5% Local missionary strength

· Gains “Temple of Uppsala” for the rest of the game, giving:

o +1 Missionary

o +1 Tolerance of the true faith

o +2% Missionary strength

o These effects are lost if the state or province religion changes

What ideas benefit a Norse country? It of course depends on playstyle, and some idea groups are just better than others for most nations.

Here are some ideas that stand out for a Norse country:


Yes, this is a boring idea group, but it offers deus vult so you can declare war on any neighboring country it they are not Norse. Chances are you will be the only Norse country in the world, so this will be a good CB to have. The extra missionary and missionary strength are also good, since every conquered province need to be converted to Norse.


The +1 Land leader shock synergies well with other norse bonuses.

Since Norse is a pagan religion, you will have the same decisions as other pagans, four special decisions and a fifth that works for every other religion to change into that religion.

The four first decisions are good except perhaps Introduce vision quest, +0.5 prestige for the cost of +5% stability cost seems like a little high cost for a small bonus perhaps.

Encourage divinationAt peace

1 stability.

−1 national unrest, +5% stability cost modifier.
Religious Sacrificesruler's administrative skill is at least 3.

Has at least 1 stability.

+1 yearly prestige, −20% stability cost modifier.
Introduce Vision QuestRuler's administrative skill is at least 3.+0.5 yearly prestige,

+5% stability cost modifier.

Spreading of Norse RitualsRuler's administrative skill is at least 3.+1% missionary strength.
Convert to Christianityhas at least 1 stability.

Own one Christian province

Christianity becomes the new state religion

Norse military excel in shock warfare.

Land leader shock[edit | edit source]

Norse have unique possibility of loading up on land leader shock bonuses.

  • Follow Tor
  • 3rd Norse national ideas: A Wall of Shields for the King (or Swedish ambition).
  • 1st Offensive national idea: Bayonet Leaders
  • Inspirational Leaders – Humanist and quantity policy.
  • Bold Fighter ruler trait.
  • Tier11 republic government reform

So, it is possible to have +6 land leader shock as Norse!! But for that to happen you need to be a republic, have a ruler that is a bold fighter and pick Offensive, Humanist and Quantity ideas.

More realistic is to have +3, from Follow Tor, having Norse national ideas (or Swedish) and pick offensive ideas. This is enough bonuses since it is capped at 6. With just an average rate of army tradition it should be possible to have shock 5 at least.

A ruler can start with Bold fighter in a custom nation, cost 2 points. To gain bold fighter the ruler cannot already have the carful trait. If the ruler has military skill 6 and/or is a general the chance of gaining bold fighter increases, so make the ruler a general instantly, before the first trait is revealed.

So +3 shock and sometimes when the ruler is bold, it becomes +4. With those bonuses it should not be difficult to max out at 6 in shock for most generals.

Extra Shock damage[edit | edit source]

Norse troops can also cause extra shock damage.

  • +20% Norse national idea: Berserkir
  • +5% Influence-Quantity plocy: Guerrilla Warfare
  • +10% at 100% army professionalism
  • +10% general with ruthless leader trait.
  • +5% Theocracy reform: Combat Heresy

Norse nations have three permanent modifiers as long as they stay norse

Event: “Temple of Uppsala”[edit | edit source]
  • +1 Missionary
  • +1 Tolerance of the true faith
  • +2% Missionary strength

Naval decision: Norse Raiding Fleet

  • +33% Privateer Efficiency
  • +3 Fleet Movement Speed
Mission: Defender of the Pagan Ways”[edit | edit source]
  • +1 Yearly legitimacy
  • +15% Manpower in true faith provinces
  • +1 Tolerance of the true faith
  1. This means that these provinces are easier to convert.
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