33 Thanksgiving Slow-Cooker Recipes (2024)

This year, don’t show up at the party empty handed. Whether it’s a family gathering, or a potluck at work, preparing the perfect Thanksgiving take-along doesn’t have to take a lot of time. In fact, here are 33 Thanksgiving Slow-Cooker Recipesthat will save you time and that taste amazing! Your friends and family will ‘gobble’ these up! Enjoy!

33 Thanksgiving Slow-Cooker Recipes (1)

1. There’s always room for more turkey, so bring this turkey breast of wonderand you’ll be a hero when it comes time to break out the after dinner sandwiches.

2. Love getting together but not the biggest fan of turkey? Check out this easy glazed ham. Delicious and a great alternative for the non-pultury-loving folk.

3. Candied pecan sweet potato casserole is a MUST HAVE at the Thanksgiving table. There’s never enough of this stuff for everyone.

4. When it comes to traditional sides, it’s hard to beat creamed corn. It’s like corn, but amplified with delicious sweet creaminess.

5. Before the feast everyone is going to look for something to munch on. To keep them away from the dinner goodies, you should make this spinach and artichoke dip.

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6. Everyone thinks they can make the perfect mashed potatoes, but the secret to yours is that you aren’t going to be spending an hour over a hot stove coaxing them to life.

7. Keep the kids happy this year with this slow-cooker mac and cheese. Want to make it even more fun? Crumble corn flakes on top before serving for a nice, crispy topping.

8. When it comes to Thanksgiving favorites, you can’t get much more Thanksgiving-y than green bean casserole.

9. Bring a dessert that’ll leave the custard fans in your life begging for more with this crustless pumpkin pie.

10. Do you love your stuffing sweet? Check out this awesome slow-cooker pear and sausage stuffing. It’s savory, sweet, complex, simple, basically it’s just about everything you want in a stuffing.

11. Make these candied pecans and they can be served as a side to garnish salads, soups, desserts and more.

33 Thanksgiving Slow-Cooker Recipes (3)

12. Anyone who is a fan of fall soups is going to love you to pieces when you bring in this homemade butternut squash soup, but only you’ll know how much effort it really took.

13. Speaking of soups, after the big day you should make this turkey and mashed potato chowder with the leftovers. It’s a great way to have dinner ready after you’ve hit up all the stores for Black Friday.

14. Thanksgiving morning, don’t leave your friends and family starving. Make this pumpkin bread. By using the slow-cooker, your stove is still free and they’ll still have something warm in their tummies until time for dinner.

15. Are you the designated drink-bringer of the office? Surprise everyone with this crock pot apple cider.

16. Glazed carrots are a delicious veggie choice for Thanksgiving meals because not only are they simple to make, they’re hard not to love.

33 Thanksgiving Slow-Cooker Recipes (4)

17. Do you prefer squash not in soup form? Check out this slow-cooker rosemary acorn squash. All the deliciousness of squash; none of the puree.

18. It’s super easy to get cranberry sauce out of the can. Know what else is super easy? This recipe for slow-cooker cranberry sauce.

19. Want another delicious after-Thanksgiving soup option? Check out this turkey barley soup. Hearty and tasty. What’s not to love?

20. Maybe you need pumpkin for pies, or soup, or who-knows-what-else, but did you know the easiest way to cook it is right in your slow cooker?

21. Not a fan of mashed? Bring these scalloped potatoes and the other guests will appreciate having more than one potato option!

22. Any daughter of the south knows that greens go great with any meal…especially big family meals. These collard greens and ham will Definitely hit the spot.

23.Have some picky eaters who have very set ideas of what foods should be served for Thanksgiving? Make this traditional stuffing recipe and you’ll send them home happy.

24. Corn casserole is something your friends and family will crave after you present them with this version on Thanksgiving day!

25. After the big meal, when everyone is sitting around full and happy, perk them up with this pumpkin spice latte.

26. Be the dessert hero everyone knows you to be with this pumpkin cobbler. It’s like pie, but without the crust.

27. Give your veggie-loving friends something to talk about with these slow-cooker balsamic brussels sprouts.

28. Bring something totally unexpected (and delicious) with these garlic herb mushrooms. They’re a perfect side because they won’t overpower the meal and just a few will wow anyone who tries them.

29. If you’ve been relocated to bread duty because your peeps don’t think you’ll come through with anything better, surprise them all with these fresh-made apple butter yeast rolls.

30. Another fan favorite is sausage and apple stuffing. Not too sweet, not too savory, just right for those who want to be daring…but not too much.

31. Check out this turkey leg with honey garlic glaze recipe if you’re looking for a way to wow those non-traditionalists this year.

32.If you aren’t a fan of candied sweet potatoes, theseslow-cooker sweet potatoesmight be your better option.

33. If you and your family plan to play games Thanksgiving evening instead of rushing out to the stores, you should bring along this maple pumpkin spice Chex mix. It’s a great munch for those who just can’t eat another slice of pie.

33 Thanksgiving Slow-Cooker Recipes (6)

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33 Thanksgiving Slow-Cooker Recipes (2024)


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